TASCAM MX View – Windows 8.1

Hi all,MX-view[1]

Quick Edit: Thank you to Andy Hong, the Gear Reviews Editor of TapeOp magazine, for letting me know that this how-to will also get MXView going on Windows 10.

I officially feel famous, thanks TapeOp.

Recently, I have been messing around with a Tascam MX2424, which is a 24 track hard disc recorder. It is quite old school, but a lot of fun to play around with. It can be used with Tascam’s MX-View software, which is essentially an early piece of DAW software, complete with a lot of cool features. The MX2424 old machine, I think mine dates back to 2001, which brings me to the point of this post.

The MX View software does not install on Windows 8.1 (and probably won’t on Win7). Windows just says that the installer application is not going to work; however, I got MX View to work after I managed to install it on an Windows XP machine and then copy the Program Files folder to my Windows 8 machine.

humansynctascam.l[1]Below is a link (fixed in July ’16 as it had been broken for a while) to a copy of the Program Files folder, so all you have to do is download a copy and save it somewhere safe; either your own Program Files folder or a Drive/Dropbox folder.
Download link via Google Drive

Enjoy and thanks to Windows XP, for once again being a legend of an OS.

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