Podcast Production

Hassle-free professional results

Podcasting has never been so popular or easier to create. Developments in technology have changed all our lives, and it has empowered people worldwide to create content on the subjects and topics that they are passionate about.

Podcasts are popular because they can be listened to anywhere; at home, commuting, walking around towns and cities. The audience can be busy working or relaxing after a long day. Whatever the reason for listening, one thing is common among all of them; bad audio will make them switch off. I have a feeling they would switch to a different podcast altogether!

If you are a podcaster, don’t let bad audio stop your shows from reaching their full potential. Focus on writing and recording your podcasts; focus on creating the content that you love. Once you record it, send it to StereoSonic and forget about it. We will handle everything from tidying up your audio, editing it all together, sourcing music, polishing it off and even dealing with the distribution.

By working with StereoSonic, we take the pressure off so you can spend more time creating your content. After all, you probably didn’t get into podcasting for the audio editing! We work with podcasters from around the world, so be sure to select Euro or USD when checking out pricing.

What We Offer at a Glance

Services to suit your project and budget.

StereoSonic doesn’t mess around with “Basic” or “Premium” plans; you simply pay for exactly what you need. You won’t get locked into a more expensive “plan” and find yourself paying for something you don’t use. You won’t have to purchase a more advanced package to avail of standard audio processing. Below you can see all the services included as standard, no matter what your project needs. Some of these are reserved as “Premium” features elsewhere.


Every voice is different, and consistency is key to a professional sound. We process all your tracks to make sure they sound even; their volumes are matched, consistent and powerful. This helps greatly towards making your podcast sound even and consistent.

Noise Reduction

When listening to your recordings, you suddenly notice buzzes and hiss in the background that you never thought about before. We use advanced noise reduction techniques to help deal with these and clean up your audio.

Intros, Links and Outros

Podcasts are more than interviews or discussions. There are introductions, links between features and outros. We process all of these and stitch them together into your full episode. We work with each podcaster to ensure the flow of the show is what they want.

Full Multitrack Audio Editing

We listen to every podcast, from start to finish. We will edit multiple tracks together for each podcast, including interviews, debates, music, adverts, etc. We don’t have a track limit.

Error Correction as Standard

All editing services remove the umms, ahhs and pauses that naturally pop up in podcast recordings. We will also deal with stutters and any retakes which have to be done.


EQ is the process of balancing a sound so it is clearer and more pleasant to listen to. We can add clarity and remove the bass rumble, making your vocal recordings sound professional.

Simple Pricing

30 Minute Show – €30/$30/£30
60 Minute Show – €60/$60/£60
What’s included?

  • Start to Finish Editing
  • Mistake Removal
  • EQ on all tracks
  • Compression on all tracks
  • Noise Reduction on all tracks
  • Intro, Links and Outros</li

Optional Extras

Get them only if you need them

Hosting – €20/$20/£20 per month:

  • We handle hosting to all major providers
  • Apple, Google, TuneIn, Spotify etc.
  • We handle all the admin
  • Your shows will be available to all

Show Notes – €15/$15/£15 per show:

  • We provide show notes for each show
  • Including links and key quotes
  • One thing less to do!
  • Notes will be sent to all podcast providers.