Mobile Recording

Using a 28 channel location recording rig, based on Focusrite and Audient Burr-Brown PCM4204 analogue to digital conversion and Focusrite ISA preamps, Stereosonic brings the recording studio to you, saving costs on studio rental without sacrificing quality.

With this service, which is offered across the island of Ireland, you can realise your project while staying budget-friendly. With the recording complete, Stereosonic can work on mixing and mastering the project. We can then help get your music to all the top streaming platforms with that done.

Studio Recording

Looking for a great drum sound or to get away to a new creative space? Stereosonic works with some of Ireland’s leading recording studio spaces. By investing in the highest quality equipment, Stereosonic can kit any space out with the legendary Focursrite ISA preamps and microphones such as the AKG C414. This means your recording project will be of the highest technical standards. Studio recording can benefit musicians and groups who wish to have the full studio treatment, which may not have a good space to record.

Studio recording is also ideal for larger recording projects, such as choirs, classical ensembles and bands with drummers; I have linked up with the Crookedwood Farm studios at Slane. The studios feature a fantastic barn conversion with amazing live rooms, perfect for large groups and amazing drum sounds.

The Recording Process

From then, pre-production discussions will outline the best venues and the equipment requirements. For example, if you are looking for your choir or string quartet to get recorded, we will discuss your rehearsal facilities and local community buildings such as churches as venues.

We can discuss bringing you into my main studio or whether a mobile recording is needed; even your own home can be a great place to record. Using the acoustic treatment, the highest quality microphones, and specialised microphone techniques, even the most unsuspecting places can become recording studios!

Costs and Advantages

Recording costs are clearly presented; there are no hidden costs and we ensure to get as much as reasonably possible done in the space of a day. There is no need to watch and worry about the clock; whatever it takes to meet the days aims before getting tired is what is done.

The upside to mobile recording is that you can perform in a space which you are comfortable in and which is local to you. Coupled with professional-level equipment, the best possible performance can be recorded in high quality.

Contact Us

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