Spreadable Media – Blog 3

A quick note here,

We were chatting in class about the Father Jack Supercut video. Myself, my tutor and a classmate were talking about how we all lose interest in it about half way through, this was a complaint I had about the video when I made it so I made an attempt at keeping hooks in the video by putting the odd bit of Father Jack material that wasn’t related to his catchphrases.

Something I noticed very early on after I posted the video was that the total watched minutes doesn’t equal the amount of views multiplied by the full video time. As it turns out, at the time of writing, people watch on average for about 1.6 minutes.

A Father Jack supercut will only appeal to a certain group of people, if the viewers arent really fans or are watching it for a second time they would not be bothered in watching it all.

Worth keeping in mind if anyone is making a video that is not restricted by its content. What I mean by restricted is that my design brief for this video was to have all the fecks etc. that Jack says, this could only result in a video longer that 3 minutes. If your video does not have this type of brief it is worth thinking of this “bore” factor. The ability to re-upload a video in the same “space” as the current video would be nice in YouTube. Soundcloud allows you to replace the audio you had up with an improved version without losing the view count, link or stats. If YouTube allowed this I could make a more interesting edit by taking more time to order the clips to keep a constant hook on my audiences cheeks.


And as if by magic, I stumble across the retention graph on YouTube.
I was .2 of a minute off with my maths.