Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Stereosonic. By using any of the services offered by Stereosonic , you (the Client) agree to the terms and conditions of Stereosonic and understand that these terms and conditions may be changed at the discretion of Stereosonic. This website is owned and operated by Stereosonic and your access of it comes under the Terms of Use outlined on this web page.

Services Offered

Stereosonic offers the following services:

  • Mobile audio production (referred to as “mobile services”)

Stereosonic offers services whereby Stereosonic sound engineers or an elected subcontractor will travel to the Client or to an place agreed by the parties involved in order to complete audio production tasks. These tasks included but are not limited to; sound recording, sound editing, sound mixing, sound mastering, acoustic measurement, consultancy and education.

  • Online audio production (referred to as “online services”)

Stereosonic offers services where by Stereosonic sound engineers or an elected subcontractor processes audio file sent to Stereosonic by Clients via internet file sharing services and/or by way of physical media. These services include but are not limited to sound editing, sound mixing, sound mastering, sound restoration, consultancy and education.

All work undertaken by Stereosonic will be carried out by competent audio engineers and technicians. The aforementioned services will be collectively referred to by the term Services in this webpage.


Pricing for most Services is listed on www.stereosonic.ie; any other pricing mush come from a Stereosonic via email, directly. In any situation where there are two prices quoted for the same service, the cheaper price will apply for that single project only. All prices are supplied for the exact services requested; however, additional charges can be incurred through various actions. The Client will always be notified before these actions take place.

Payment and Deposits

Payment for mobile services can be made via PayPal, Stripe, bank transfer, cash, on site credit/debt card payment or any combination of these methods. Stereosonic and the Client will agree a payment structure before the project takes place. This will generally consist of a deposit payment which is made before the work takes place where the balance is paid on project completion.

The deposit must be paid in order to secure the booking, equipment, travel and associated costs. Deposit amounts are variable, to suit the Clients budgets. Deposits apply for the following services and can be found on the appropriate service webpages of this site; hourly recordings, daily recordings, per song being mixed, per song being mastered; for services which do not come under these categories, the deposit amount is at the discretion of Stereosonic . These deposits are used to secure studio time and any associated rentals which need to be made; such as recording spaces, guitar amps etc. Therefore, deposits are non-refundable in most cases (see Refunds below).

All charges, including those incurred due to extra work having to be carried out and/or expedited turnaround must be paid in full before the final product is released to the Client; the final product being a release quality audio file.

By placing an order with Stereosonic, whether that be through this website of by contacting Stereosonic directly, you agree that you will provide Stereosonic with a valid payment method and pay for the Services. You are responsible for timely payment of fees.


With the exception of Podcast Hosting subscriptions, it is the clients responsibility to send Stereosonic project files and materials as part of subscription packages. For example; if a Client takes out monthly subscription for the audio production of a weekly podcast, the Client agrees to take responsibility to send Stereosonic the project files and materials for four (4) podcast episodes over the course of each month. Stereosonic will not process a refund for any missed weeks, as the audio production studio would have been block booked in advance in order to satisfy the subscription. If a Client sends on extra project files and materials to make up missed week(s), Stereosonic is not obliged to fulfil the audio production of the missed week(s) as the studio booking may have passed. In this case, Stereosonic may charge an additional fee for the audio production of that missed week(s) project files and materials.


Refunds with respect to online services are permitted in the following circumstances:

  • A Client pays the deposit for a service but can then not proceed with the project. For online services, as long as the project has not been started then a refund can be given. In cases where the project has been started, a deposit less the hourly fee for work carried out will be provided. If the work carried out amounts to more than the deposit amount then no deposit is returned and Stereosonic can seek payment for the work carried out.
  • Where Stereosonic is forced to terminate a project due to external circumstances not relating to the Client; deposits are refunded.
  • Where equipment failure results in excessive delay in the turnaround time. Refunds are provided at the discretion of Stereosonic .

Refunds with respect to mobile services are permitted in the following circumstances:

  • A Client cancels their booking with more than 5 working days notice, where a working day is a weekday, Monday to Friday, inclusive. Deposits are non-refundable where cancellations are made within this period.

For all services provided, refunds are not permitted where:

  • Fast (expedited) turnaround orders are placed,
  • The expected standard turnaround time is not met,
  • Orders are made for special offers,
  • Where no revisions are submitted with respect to online audio production services,
  • Projects are terminated by the Client for reasons relating to the technical quality of source material.

Turnaround Timescale

With respect to mobile services; an expected 3 to 7 working day standard turnaround applies to raw recordings being processed and sent to the Client for their own personal or professional use. For mobile services which lead to online audio production services, the next paragraph applies. With respect to online, an expected 7 to 14 working day turnaround applies to all editing, mixing and mastering projects.

The turnaround times are a general expectation. Actual turnaround time will depend on the volume of work being processed by Stereosonic at a given time. Stereosonic will notify the Client of the expected turnaround time for their project(s). Expedited turnaround can be purchased subject to availability. In these cases, an additional “per song” charge is applied to Music Production services and a new hourly rate will be enforced in Audio Production services. These prices and rates are determined by Stereosonic and shown on the relevant service page of this website.

Project Termination and Non Payment

Where a Client has paid for services and wishes to terminate the project, the Client must express this with an email to studio@stereosonic.ie. No other method of communication will be considered for this purpose as the email addresses will be the primary point of contact between Stereosonic and any Client and checked frequently.

Under no circumstance will Stereosonic be obliged to supply the result of the services rendered to the Client which was carried out up to the point of termination. Additionally, Stereosonic will not supply the result of the work carried out if there are any outstanding fees which the Client has to pay.

The project can be terminated at the discretion of Stereosonic in the event it is forced by external circumstances which do not relate to the Client.

Project Files and Technical Quality

Stereosonic takes no responsibility for the loss and/or corruption of project files which are sent by the Client to Stereosonic . Stereosonic takes no responsibility for the integrity of project files while they are being sent to Stereosonic , whether it is by electronic or physical transfer. Stereosonic does not take responsibility for the Clients personal file management methodologies and will not guarantee to keep a copy of the files exactly as they have been sent to Stereosonic .

With respect to online services, Stereosonic can refuse to work on a project on the grounds of its technical quality being of too low a standard. Additionally, where recordings are supplied to Stereosonic , which have not been recorded by Stereosonic , no guarantee is given that final product will be of the quality of any reference or comparison work which the Client supplies.

With respect to mobile services, Stereosonic is not responsible for the Client supplying or wishing to use low quality musical equipment. In these cases, the Client will be notified that there is an issue. The project will only continue when the Client agrees that certain expectations may be unrealistic given the quality of the source material and/or instrumentation. Stereosonic must notify the Client of these issues by email.


Only correspondence made by email can be used to confirm what has been communicated between Stereosonic and the Client. Only Client to Stereosonic and Stereosonic to Client correspondence from studio@stereosonic.ie and the Client’s email address is valid, unless otherwise stated. It is the responsibility of Stereosonic and the Client to ensure important issues are communicated and/or confirmed by email. An email has been sent when it is present in the appropriate sent folder of the Stereosonic and Client email systems and which has been sent to the correct email address.

Audition and Final Project Mixes

In order to audition project mixes, audio file(s) will generally be uploaded to www.soundcloud.com. The file(s) will be made private and the link(s) will be distributed to the Client. Under no circumstance may the Client use a piece of audition audio for their use outside of the auditioning process. The file will not be of broadcast or distribution quality and will include periods of silence which will be overlaid at points throughout the mix. On the occasions where audition material is sent to the Client but not via Soundcloud, it will be emailed or supplied on physical media.

Final project mixes will be supplied to the Client in whatever digital format they require. An additional file will be supplied which will be of the highest studio quality (if applicable) and the Client may manipulate this as they wish. Final project mixes and files will only be supplied when full payment has been received.


Revisions of acceptable quality are ones which are informative and clear. A revision request will only be deemed acceptable if it deals with a specific aspect to a sound. For example: “The attack of the kick drum is too harsh”, ” The bass guitar is too quiet in the verse” and “I would like more reverb on the vocal” are acceptable revision items. “I don’t like the bass guitar”, “It doesn’t sound right” and similar examples are not acceptable.


In all situations where the project material is distributed; credits must be made to Stereosonic . All credits must be approved by Stereosonic before hand. An agreed credit can be used multiple times. An example credit is given:

“Produced by Stereosonic – www.stereosonic.ie”

Where the project material has been distributed without the proper crediting of Stereosonic , Stereosonic reserves the right to seek compensation by any and all means available.

Equipment Failure

If there is an issue with the equipment required to undertake a Client’s project, the best efforts will be made to rectify the issue and complete the project on time or as soon as possible thereafter. Refunds are permitted at the discretion of Stereosonic . Stereosonic commits to finishing your project once the issues have been rectified..


With respect to online services; the Client agrees to these terms and conditions when they purchase an online service from Stereosonic . With respect to mobile services; the Client agrees to the terms and conditions when they a session has been booked and the appropriate deposit has been paid.