Sound Production Made Simple

We are here to help you bring your project to the next level. For over fifteen years, we have worked with people from all walks of life to help produce their sound to the best level possible. If there is one thing we are proud of, it is our simple focus and passion for all kinds of sound productions. Check out what we can help you with below.

Podcast Production

Podcasts are popular for a reason. They let people break out of the mainstream with their ideas. You can discover audiences in a way that we never could before. With that said, podcast production is not easy.

Stereosonic recognises the power of the podcast and is here to help. Chances are, if you are looking into starting a podcast or already have one, you have enough on your plate to read a blurb on your website. Let’s break down what Stereosonic can do for you:

Advice; we can help with equipment and distribution
Recording; we can record you or train you on how to do it
Editing; we will edit your podcast to broadcast standards
Distribution; we will handle getting your podcast to the audience

What is left for you to do? The fun stuff. Let Stereosonic let you focus on what is most important in your podcast.


Stereosonic offers competitive rates for recording projects for music, podcasts, animations and more. We also specialise in location recording, where we bring the recording studio to you. This is great for bands on a budget, classical ensembles with a fantastic performance space, or those needing interview recording.


Our dedicated mixing studio provides editing and mixing services for music, podcast and radio productions. There is no need to record with us, and many of our clients send in recording projects they produce themselves.


Stereosonic can also cater for corporate events such as conferences, seminars and even college graduation ceremonies. Every project is different, so feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.

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Per day: €200
This is the daily rate for the engineer and equipment. Studio and equipment rental costs may apply.

Per Hour: €35
This rate applies for recording sessions less than 6 hours, which often proves to be a better value.

Click here for more recording information.


Per Track: €200
This rate includes editing, mixing, and two sets of revisions.

Larger Projects
EP and album rates are available, email us to discuss your project further.

Click here for more editing and mixing information.

Podcast and Radio

Editing: €30 per 30-minute episode, €60 per 60-minute episode etc.
Distribution: €20 per month, to all major platforms.

Click here for more podcast and radio production information.

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Use the contact form below to get in touch with the studio, or email

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We work with Camelot Studios and Slane Studios for our music projects (especially for drum sound)


ReaperCubase and Pro Tools and digital audio workstations,

Preamps, Conversion

Primary signal chain:
Focusrite ISA and Audient ASP pre-amplifiers,
Audient ASP880 Burr-Brown PCM4204 analogue to digital conversion,
Focusrite Saffire and Audient ASP audio interfaces


Audient iD22 digital to analogue conversion
Neumann KH310 in-studio monitoring (stereo)
Genelec 8000 series on-location and surround sound in-studio monitoring,



  • Audient ASP
  • Focusrite Clarett
  • Focusrite ISA


  • Neumann KH310
  • Genelec 8000 Series


Waves, Slate Digital, SoundToys, Empirical Labs.

Live Sound

  • Behringer X32
  • Behringer WING
  • Full1kW PA system with stage monitoring
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