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The Stereosonic Experience

At Stereosonic, we have proudly been serving the Irish music, radio, and podcasting sectors since our establishment in 2008. We're your dedicated audio production partner, working with a diverse range of clients, including musicians, colleges, banks, and podcasters, among others.

Meet Our Founder, Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly, the driving force behind Stereosonic, embarked on his journey in audio production through training at some of the most cutting-edge colleges in Ireland and the UK. He began his craft at Ballyfermot College of Further Education, specializing in audio recording techniques at the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's University Belfast, and furthering his knowledge and practice at the Acoustics Research Centre and MediaCityUK through the University of Salford.

A passionate Queen's of the Stone Age fan, Robert has collaborated with a myriad of musicians, spanning from classical ensembles to contemporary rock bands. Notably, his work with classical musicians allowed him to learn about the importance of microphone recording techniques, bringing out the essence of each performance.

What truly sets Robert apart is his unwavering commitment to capturing music at its finest. He values the care, attention, and precision of traditional recording techniques, infusing them into every project, regardless of the genre.

Educator and Mentor
Throughout his illustrious career, Robert has been a staunch advocate for education and training in the audio production field. He has actively contributed to the growth of Ireland's music, sound, and media colleges, collaborating with esteemed institutions like Ballyfermot College and Dunboyne College.

Join Us on Your Audio Journey
Ready to embark on your audio production journey? Whether you're an aspiring musician, a college seeking expert guidance, or a business looking for top-notch audio services, Stereosonic is your reliable partner.

Our commitment to excellence, fueled by Robert's passion and expertise, is at your disposal. We invite you to get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your audio production goals.

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